Future People

Future People is a joint campaign in which all ICT departments at all Danish universities are involved.

The main purpose of Future People is to expand the awareness of ICT education programmes among high school students and thus to enroll more students at the tertiary ICT educations.

The campaign was initiated in 2006, primarily for two reasons:

  • There was a severe lack of ICT candidates from Danish universities.
  • Very few young people chose an ICT education (5.3 % of all new students at the universities).

In 2012 that situation has changed radically:

  • The intake of ICT students at Danish universities has doubled since 2006.
  • 1 out of 12 students (8.8 %) enrolled at bachelor's level at a Danish university in autumn 2011 chose an ICT education.
www.futurepeople.dk (in Danish)
Future People at education fair

How we do it

The Future People campaign takes a broad perspective on ICT competences - including technology, design and business. Today the campaign includes approximately 80 bachelor and master programmes at the universities.

The elements of the campaign are mainly:

  • a common website - www.futurepeople.dk (in Danish),
  • common presentation at the large annual education fair "Education without Borders" (in Danish "Uddannelse Uden Grænser"), which is visited by thousands of high school students. At the Future People stand, young enthusiastic ICT students communicate the story of a future with an ICT education as innovative, creative, and constructive.

The basis of the campaign is:

  • one message - ICT is essential for the future,
  • a broad perspective on ICT competences,
  • a strong and inclusive network between the ICT departments of the universities at management level as well as practical level,
  • it-vest as a "neutral" coordinator of the campaign.