ICT in high school

The Danish Ministry of Children and Education introduced in 2011 a new information technology course in high schools. The new course represents the complex discipline all the way around and consists of 6 core topics:

  1. Importance of computing and influence on human behaviour
  2. The architecture of IT systems
  3. Representation and manipulation of data
  4. Programming
  5. Modelling and structuring of data, processes and systems
  6. Interaction design
    + Innovation, a central aspect of all topics

(The 6 core topics are presented in a little more detail in  this pdf-document.)

Background and ambition

The number of high school students selecting a computing course has severely declined over the last years. This new ICT course holds the ambition to cover all needs for computer literacy at high school level.

'Create IT' - it-vest support to the new ICT course

It-vest sees the new high school course as a once in a lifetime opportunity to introduce high school students to ICT in its diversity, and therefore decided to support the new course with the project ‘Create IT’. ‘Create IT’ focuses on three crucial aspects to make the course a success:

  • Teaching resources
  • Continuing education of teachers
  • Networking

Resources, education and networking

Within ’Create IT’, skilled teachers have developed four full sets of resources to teach the course. The resources even come in four different ‘flavours’, so the teacher can match the students general field of interest in terms of: Humanistic, technical/natural science, social science, mercantile.

The resources are represented online in a wiki, where other teachers can comment or even share their own resources: www.iftek.dk

Continuing education of teachers is the key to success, since no teachers are experienced in all 7 core topics of the new course.

Last but not least we find that opportunities to exchange ideas and experience with colleagues and academics foster collaboration which empowers each individual teacher.

Project partners

it-vest - networking universities
Center for Science Education, Aarhus University
The ICT high school teachers' organisation
Egaa Gymnasium - Egaa High School

"Create it" is supported by Central Denmark Region

Central Denmark Region

Ground breaking

It-vest is proud to point to the fact that several aspects of project ‘Create IT’ are radically new in a Danish context:

  • High school teachers share and co-develop teaching resources online
  • Teaching resources are oriented towards the students interests
  • University professors produce teaching resources for high school teachers and students
  • Networking takes place across institutional borders