MSc in IT - full-time master programmes

MSc in IT -

The MSc in IT programmes were established in 1999 as a response to the lack of highly educated ICT professionals in public and private enterprises.

Through a MSc in IT programme, non-ICT bachelors can gain high level ICT competences in two years.

It-vest coordinates and supports the development and organisation of MSc in IT programmes at Aalborg University, Aarhus University and University of Southern Denmark.

So far the results have been that close to 2000 MSc's in IT have graduated from the three universities.

Interdisciplinary programmes

MSc in IT is an interdisciplinary IT Master’s degree programme.

The three It-vest universities offer 14 different MSc in IT programmes. They are all two-year full-time masters programmes aimed at different types of bachelors.

The education programmes are positioned in a triangle between technology, design and organization. A few of the programmes have their main focus on technology, others on design and some have their main focus on the organizational or business impact of IT. Most of the programmes combine the three.

The steering committee of It-vest has the authorisation to evaluate and validate new MSc of IT programmes proposed by the three universities.