It-vest - networking universities is an educational and scientific network between the three universities in the western part of Denmark:

Altogether the three universities are educating half of all ICT graduates in Denmark.

It-vest particularly focuses on the development and marketing of ICT educations as well as other ICT activities at the three universities. Furthermore, It-vest supports nationwide activities, promoting ICT educations and the development of ICT in general.

Future People - ICT educations at the university

Future People is a campaign aimed at high school students to promote ICT education programmes at all Danish universities.

The campaign is coordinated by It-vest in cooperation with the eight Danish universities. Since the start of the campaign in 2006 the intake at the ICT educations has more than doubled.

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ICT in high school - a creative and constructing course

In 2011 the Danish Ministry of Children and Education established a new high school ICT course.

The aim of the course is to present ICT as a creative and constructive field. It-vest - in cooperation with the ICT high school teachers' organisation and the universities - supports the development of teaching resources and competences for the new course.

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MSc in IT - full-time master programmes

Since 1999, under the slogan "Add IT to your bachelor", the three universities in the It-vest network have offered a number of ICT full time MSC programmes to non-ICT bachelors.

It-vest coordinates and supports the development and organisation of the programmes that up till 2016 have graduated close to 2000 MSc in IT.

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Master of IT - part-time study for ICT professionals

Master of IT is a part-time master programme offering further education to highly educated ICT professionals.

The programme is conducted by all three universities in the It-vest network with It-vest as coordinator. Master of IT continuously has about 250 ICT professionals as students.

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