It-vest has a small secretariat, situated in Aarhus, that coordinates activities with the networking universities and handles the daily tasks of administration and marketing etc.

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The steering committee

It-vest has a steering committee that is charged with setting common goals for the network, having focus on fulfilling the purpose of the organisation and contributing to the coordination of managing the activities of It-vest.

The steering committee has seven members. Four representing the ICT business and three representing the three universities in the network.

The members of the steering committee are:



Søren Damgaard


Other representatives from the ICT business

Birgitte Hass

CEO and partner



Jørgen Staunstrup

Advisor, Dr. Tech.

Associate professor at The IT University of Copenhagen

Representatives from the universities

Falk Heinrich

Vice Dean
The Faculty of Humanities
Aalborg University

Niels Overgaard Lehmann

Vice Dean 
Aarhus University

Simon Møberg Torp

Faculty of Humanities
University of Southern Denmark

Updated January 29 2021.