Co-intelligence: AI and Instruction

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In Lilach Mollicks presentation ”Co-Intelligence: AI and Instruction” she is demonstrating different tools, and she will among other things focus on how the use of AI in a classroom should change, how teachers can utilize the strengths of AI and how future developments can affect the teaching on a large scale.

Lilach Mollick has together with Ethan Mollick worked intense with education and AI. They have in multiple papers given concrete offers on how AI can be used to give students feedback (see for example this paper).

About Lilach Mollick

Lilach Mollick is the Director of Pedagogy at Wharton Interactive. Her work focuses on the development of pedagogical strategies that include artificial intelligence and interactive methodologies. She has worked with Wharton Interactive to develop a wide range of educational tools and games used in classrooms worldwide. She has also written several papers on the uses of AI for teaching and training, and her work on AI has been discussed in publications including The New York Times and Vox. She advises companies and organizations on the advantages and risks of AI in teaching. Lilach holds a Doctorate in education and a Master of Science in professional writing from New York University.


May 2, 2024
16:00-17:00 pm. 


Teachers at all levels of education.  



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